Crew are one of the most important influences when it comes to operating a successful and safe yacht. Fraser has operated closely with tens of thousands of crew from around the world for decades. Always ensuring that the best crew are selected to work on our yachts.


Fraser provides a variety of crew services to warrant that the best crew are placed on our yachts and that they are cared for throughout their career. From crew placement, both for the crew registered with us looking for superyacht jobs and yachts with us, to crew administration for all the crew employed on our vessels, we will take care of every aspect from searching to employing crew. We offer crew training services, verifying that crew are always trained to the highest professional standards, whether for safety or personal service.


With offices located in yachting areas around the world, we’re uniquely positioned to assist you in finding the perfect yacht crew. We work closely with owners, Captains and managers in the luxury yacht sector; finding, screening, profiling and recommending crew candidates for private vessels.


We understand that you want your Captain’s time focused on your yacht and guests. Our crew support services will manage a great proportion of the administrative tasks associated with your crew – contract administration, payroll, crew travel and document management. Fraser will handle it all so your Captain can concentrate on finding your next perfect fishing spot, cruising ground or secluded anchorage.


Whether you are a qualified Captain wanting to move onto a larger or smaller vessel or a greenie looking to get your first job in yachting, crew training is absolutely essential to assure the safe operation of a superyacht. Fraser has close relationships with many training establishments around the world and we look forward to supporting you.

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